Cookies and Cream Cake

As much as I love making cakes for my own home, I just adore making cakes for other people. Especially if it is someone I know, I put my time and care into each cake because I know that whoever is receiving the cake is celebrating something special (even if the special thing is just that they received a cake that day. Think about it, how amazing would your day be if someone just surprised you with a cake for no reason? This cake was fun because I love chocolate and I think there is nothing better than a drip of chocolate ganache down a cake.


This was a cake that I made after I finished up my 30 days 30 cookies project. My mom asked me to make a cake for someone that helped us with all the paper work when we bought our home so even though I had been baking all week I was definitely going to be making something for him. I settled on cookies and cream because after all the Christmas flavors I had been working on I had been hankering for some chocolate. This cake is chocolate with oreo bits in a swiss buttercream topped with a dark chocolate ganache. Yum!


I followed up with some cupcakes for good measure, especially because I was so used to having cookies daily, I needed to have something sweet in the house. Having fresh cupcakes in your home is easier than you think. I keep a bit of batter and buttercream in my fridge and bake off as needed.


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